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The story of SearchBeyond

We at SearchBeyond take pride in helping our clients’ business websites rank organically higher on search engine results pages (SERP’s) — and to the upper half of page one — in most cases. Organic search results show in a particular order on a SERP based on factors such as: relevance to the search term(s) and valid search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Unfortunately, the SEO industry has seen a surge of schemes promising quick rankings; the techniques used are generally not sustainable, and some can actually damage the integrity and standing of your site in the long run. As well, paid ads are certainly a more secure approach, however, they are much more expensive and the high price does not guarantee that your business will always show in the SERP 3 packs.

We are well aware that the world of search engine optimization is new and daunting for most business owners; this is very evident in the many blank, glassy-eyed stares we have seen when bringing up the subject in everyday conversation! To be sure, it can be difficult to sort through all the misinformation online when one does not know exactly what to look for in an SEO agency. Our preference is to make your SEO experience a personalized one and as comfortable as possible. Even over a simple coffee meeting, we are happy to individually sit down with you to help determine your unique business goals, timelines, and budget and then develop the perfect, cost-effective, digital marketing strategy to help you achieve the desired results!

SearchBeyond believes in building strong, lasting credibility and trust flow for our clients’ online presence. We utilize “white hat SEO” techniques (strategies that comply with terms and conditions of major search engines, including Google). Our professionals stay up-to-date with all proven ‘best practices’ for SEO as well as recent updates within our industry. Finally, all members of our team are trusted Google Local Guides, as well as current AdWords-Certified Professionals recognized by Google.

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