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Does Your Website Need More Visitors?

Our end goal is to maximize the number of visitors to your website by helping your business rank higher in search engine results pages. Our highly-skilled team will ensure your company website will become more relevant in searches, thereby building awareness, driving web visits, and, ultimately, drawing more potential online customers.

What is your main business objective once your online traffic has increased: broadening your reach, driving sales, or growing customer loyalty? SearchBeyond helps you dive further into understanding demographics and who your ideal audience is, through detailed analysis and reporting, so you can target, and then retain, those potential lifelong high-value consumers.

Does a sizable amount of your business include walk-ins to your brick-and-mortar establishment? Keep in mind that, these days, the majority of searches are done on mobile devices by people on-the-go; SearchBeyond recognizes this and can tap into the power of mobile’s unique ability to drive more spontaneous foot traffic to your company’s physical location.

How Does SearchBeyond Compare To The Myriad Of Calgary SEO Companies Out There?

We utilize safe and ethical “white hat SEO” techniques (strategies that are compliant with terms and conditions of major search engines, including – and most importantly — Google). This means your business will rank higher organically and at a significantly cost-effective rate, as opposed to a paid-advertisement ‘CPC’ (cost-per-click) approach.

Do your due diligence and be extremely wary of SEO agencies that claim to achieve high rankings within an extraordinarily short amount of time; “black hat SEO” activity can result in lower online traffic, damaged credibility, and even website penalties and bans from multiple search engines.

All SearchBeyond team members are trusted Google Local Guides, as well as current AdWords – Certified Professionals recognized by Google. Most notably, we are local to Calgary and, thus, have a solid understanding of your specific business needs in Western Canada. Whether you are interested in on-page analysis, increasing your digital presence, or driving online sales and/or conversions, we are available for a face-to-face meeting at any time to discuss and help you personalize your digital marketing strategy. Reach out to us via our Discovery Form, and we will be happy to arrange an in-person consultation to explore your options!

Why should I invest in SEO and not just do pay per click?



Complete audit of your website’s elements (i.e. aesthetics; easily navigable; clear call-to-action, etc.) and full consultation, including competition analysis.


SearchBeyond’s combined and targeted approach to both Social Media and authoritative SEO has a uniquely positive effect on a page’s ranking. Search engines will organically index a website higher, which leads to broader reach and more conversions.


Our “white hat SEO” approach (also known as “ethical SEO”) utilizes various optimization strategies and techniques, for example: strong focus on keyword and contextual relevancy in order to influence long-term higher organic ranking.


Ranking higher in organic search and in Google Maps should go hand-in-hand. Whether you need to direct more traffic to your physical store, or get into the 3-pack of Google Maps, SearchBeyond can increase your visibility.




You take great pride in the years of amazing value your well-established business provides to your clients, but you are growing frustrated because your site is not ranking as high on search engine results pages as you would like; in fact, it’s nowhere even near page ‘1’. Sound familiar? Search Engine Optimization is a way for your business to gain maximum and consistent online visibility. SearchBeyond’s industry-standard techniques yield exceptional results in organic search for your company. Check out our ‘Testimonials’ page to see what some clients have to say about our Calgary local search engine optimization experts!


Right now, it is an extremely competitive time for business owners. For a company to be relevant these days, it is mandatory to have a truly compelling website. Remember, once the online traffic to your site has increased, the process is not quite finished yet; your website needs to hold the customer’s attention as well. Your prospective clients are now, essentially, mid-funnel, and the next phase of your marketing strategy is to ‘influence consideration’. Our creative team places a professional focus on strong branding, web design, digital and video marketing, and much more in order to maximize valuable conversions (i.e. foot traffic, online purchases, customer registrations, mobile app purchases, etc.) More conversions = more business!


SearchBeyond SEO service in Calgary can truly take your organization to another level in terms of branding, ranking, and visibility. With the tune of roughly 100 billion Google searches being performed each month, having a quality company website with strong relevance is key. Our team will shine a steady spotlight on your unique business story and its amazing services/products. Your company should command the rock-solid online presence it deserves! Fill in our Discovery Form to get the conversation started today.


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